About ESSG

Environmental & Safety Support Group (E&SSG) was founded in 1993 to fill the need of industrial companies who decided to outsource all or part of their EH&S needs. E&SSG has spent the last 7 years broadening our service offering. E&SSG has primarily been adding to and developing our services/systems to expand and offer solutions on a national and global scale.

From the beginning E&SSG was aware of one of the foremost challenges facing industry, which was a cost effective way to manage their chemical inventory. E&SSG noticed that if companies could break down constituents and properties within products, they could match these findings against the EPA and OSHA lists. This would give a company a very clear picture of most of their EH&S requirements. E&SSG was determined to provide an easy-to-use solution. E&SSG would then use the CIA service to determine and generate needed EPA reporting, permitting, site/area specific safety training, site/area specific personal protective equipment requirements, storage requirements, potential monitoring requirements, etc. E&SSG's clients also discovered the additional benefit of the service was the defensible documentation that they now had to show regulatory authorities why they were or were not required to adhere to a certain standard.

Safety Data Sheets


Your Company’s MSDSs: Many of today's company's MSDSs are in constant disarray and are usually highly unorganized. MSDS Guru recognized this problem and built feature rich organizing capabilities into MSDS Guru. Based on the recommendations of our current client base, we built a facility tree that affords you the ability to check MSDSs and add them to other locations in the company. MSDS levels can be set up from the corporate level, regions, facilitities/locations and even all the way down to a location's different departments. Simply put, a single person can manage an entire corporate entity no matter how many locations or facilities they may have.


Would you like to pull an MSDS report that would show you what MSDSs you have at any location in your company? MSDS Guru reporting functions allow you to do this and more. The reporting function will pull reports for any area that you choose. These reports can be sorted alphabetically by product or manufacturer name. Each report will show you what MSDSs you have in certain locations and include a .pdf link of every MSDS on the report. This way you can run reports and actually view any MSDS with a single click.


The Material Safety Data Sheet search function allow administrators and employees of companies to search our entire MSDS database or just search your company’s own MSDS database. You can search by product name, manufacturer name, internal MSDS # or even by your own company's MSDS nicknames. MSDS Guru's search function allow you to narrow searches down to different locations in the company. These searches can further be narrowed down by exact or closest match. The MSDS Guru search functions are simple and easy to use for every employee in the company; therefore, sufficing OSHA's standard to make all MSDSs "readily accessible to all employees".


Request new MSDS: Administrators of your MSDS Guru programs will have the ability to request new MSDSs by clicking on a request icon. You don?t need to call, fax or e-mail any information to us. You simply populate 4 fields with information we need to find your MSDS and our trained staff of professionals will locate and post your MSDS request within 48 hours of the initial request.


Is archiving old MSDSs a problem for you? MSDS Guru built in an archive tool that allows you to check a box to archive old MSDS's in order to suffice the 30 year recordkeeping rule set forth by OSHA.